Life & Beth is a 10 episodes dramedy written by, starring, and sometimes directed by comedian Amy Schumer. We first meet Beth as she’s on the verge of 40. She’s a wine salesperson who is also in a miserable relationship, while also grieving the loss of her mother. Beth then goes spiraling, exploding her life in order to deal with her grief, as well as her unhappiness.


Over the course of the 10 episodes, the series jumps back and forth in time following a younger Beth (Violet Young). Through this device, we see the decisions made in order to become who she is today. Throughout the series, we get to see a darker side of Schumer which is surprising and refreshing. However, it tends to pace slower and is a little boring in the first couple of episodes. As the series goes on, the charm and fun the show desperately needs arrives in the form of her hilarious friends. As well as, Jonathan Groff (Hamilton and Mind Hunter) playing the hot fitness instructor with a dark secret. His entire storyline is my FAVORITE out of the season. The absurdity of the moments between him and Schumer is incredible.


More moments of greatness come from Beth’s scenes with John (Michael Cera). John is a local farmer who lives a super simple life which Beth finds appealing compared to her wildlife. The two of them together have fantastic chemistry and make for some of the best rom-com awkward moments I love to see.

The supporting cast of friends is also fantastic, but wildly underused. This is a shame because I found the friendship bonding to also give some of the best moments. While the series has moments of greatness, overall I found myself drifting away and not truly caring about what happened next. I can absolutely see the potential in the series, but sadly it never truly gets there. 

All 10 episodes of Life & Beth will be available for streaming on March 18, 2002, on Hulu. Stay tuned to THS for more reviews and news!