Story Synopsis: Howard The Duck Vol. 0 : What The Duck

When Howard gets sucked into another dimension it is up to one duck to make a new life for himself in this week’s Comic Rewind, Howard The Duck Vol. 0: What The Duck.

Howard was a duck, but not only that he was THE duck.  He was the only talking duck on Earth.  This obviously caused a great deal of problems for him.  People would sit and stare and freak out when he would speak.

Howard The Duck

However, Howard was one tough cookie and didn’t ducking care what people thought.  Howard started a private detective agency and if anyone needed the best duck detective in the world they just had to call (555)-Duk-Dick.

On a seemingly normal day, Howard got the case of a lifetime.  A client came in looking for a necklace the Black Cat stole.  This case led him on an adventure that took him to space, escape prison with Rocket Racoon, rub shoulders with Dr. Strange and fight against a Skrull.

Howard The Duck Vol. 0: What The Duck was written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Joe Quinones.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2015.

Howard The Duck With The Quickest Mouth…Or Beak Or Bill?

I was in the mood for a more lighthearted and fun comic.  I read this when it first came out and remember really liking it.  However, I forgot how funny it is.  

Howard The Duck

Howard is very quick-witted and sharp with his comebacks.  His interactions with other Marvel heroes are hilarious.  He and She-Hulk have a general hatred for each other but are forced to be neighbors in the office building.  Howard’s receptionist is a pile of trash with a face drawn on it.  However, he treats her like a real person and tells people to talk to his receptionist and asks if she offered them water.

The jokes are like a machine gun a lot of times.  They come so quickly that it is really easy to miss a lot of them.  Plus a lot of them are background gags or a reference to a Howard The Duck comic from the ‘80s.

Howard The Duck

Howard The Duck With All The Feels

Even though the book is definitely a comedy book it does have drama and heartfelt moments.  Rocket tells Howard that he recognizes his pain and he needs to address it.  The big threat of the comic is a Skrull getting his hands on the Abundant Glove, but not confused with the Infinity Gauntlet.  When the five gems, compassion, laughter, dance, respect, and a second dance gem, come together they can make someone marginally powerful.

I loved this book and would say this is a must-read for someone looking for a laugh from a Marvel comic.  This is also a pretty good introduction to Howard the Duck.



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