Rocksteady Studios is reportedly the developer behind the still untitled Suicide Squad video game.

Wrong "Suicide Squad" game.
No, not this one.


On June 22, 2020; a news report from Eurogamer says that Rocksteady Studios is developing the new and still nameless Suicide Squad game. As you may or may not know, Rocksteady is a British game company responsible for the first two entries of the Batman: Arkham trilogy. Both those games received rave reviews, so you can bet that Suicide Squad is going to be pretty good.

Batman being Batman again.
Batman doesn’t care about getting wet. He’s Batman.

To top it all off, Eurogamer also hints at the Suicide Squad game’s possible title. Apparently, a set of domain names were leaked on Resetera that included domain names for various games currently in development. One of those games was the Suicide Squad game. Apparently, its domain name is “”, so this probably gives you a decent idea of what the game is going to be about. Heck, this might even be the title for the game. No promises though.

Suicide Squad pretending to be Batman.
Suicide Squad don’t care about the rain either, but they don’t have the excuse of being Batman.

Gotham Knights In Suicide Squad?

Eurogamer also notes another domain name for another project: “”. This particular domain name was registered by Warner Bros. Montreal, who created Batman: Arkham Origins. It apparently refers to their new Batman game, which received numerous hints for over a year now about a “Court of Owls”. In the Batman mythos, the Court of Owls was a secret society that has existed in Gotham since the colonial era. They also employ an army of deadly assassins called “Talons”, composed of kids kidnapped from circuses. It’ll be interesting to see how this will play out in this Gotham Knights game.

Batman getting molested by creepy guys in owl masks.
Batman is really popular, ain’t he?


Rocksteady is apparently developing the game, and it apparently has something to do with the Suicide Squad killing the Justice League. Admittedly, that’s not a whole lot of info to work with, but it’s all we got at the moment.

That will likely change on August 22, when DC will hold their DC FanDome digital event. WB Games will make some announcements at that event, and you can bet that Suicide Squad and Gothan Knights will be on the list. See you then.

Source: Eurogamer