General Mills announced that they’ll soon launch a new line of cereal based off of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda cereal is adorable.
Complete with collectible box art.


On May 4, 2020; reported that General Mills will launch their own line of Baby Yoda cereal based off the character from The Mandalorian. Said cereal is mostly corn puffs, making it similar to General Mill’s own Kix. The main draw of this Baby Yoda cereal though, is the marshmallows mixed into the cereal. The marshmallows are little, green, and are shaped roughly like Baby Yoda’s head if you squint a bit. Soon, you will be able to munch on Baby Yodas as you watch The Mandalorian.

To top it all off, General Mills has even leaked the box art for this new line of cereal on Instagram. The art features Baby Yoda, of course. The Mandalorian is also in the background, but he’ll not be in the cereal, unless you like munching on beskar.
Next up: Mandalorian charms!

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when the cereal will be released. It’s the one bit of info General Mills isn’t giving us. All General Mills is saying is that it will come “this summer“. Given that it’s June right now, it could be anywhere from next month to September before we finally feast our eyes (and mouths) on Baby Yoda cereal.


I’ve never had Kix before, but I have had Corn Pops and Lucky Charms, and I’m rather fond of the latter. This Baby Yoda cereal seems like a mix of the two. Since General Mills actually made Lucky Charms, it’s a safe bet that they probably won’t mess this up. Even if you’re not interested in the cereal itself, at least you can collect the box for the artwork. I’ll definitely be looking forward to munching on this as I watch The Mandalorian season 2, whenever it comes out.

General Mills screams in agony.
*Munches contentedly on Kellogg’s Froot Loops*