This week from BOOM! Studios we near the end of David’s story of redemption in Origins 5. Last issue David and Cloe stumbled onto a camp of servant droids. With no one to serve for generations, David was a messiah they could finally use to execute their programming to serve, but then the Network showed up. It’s an all out assault on David and the robots. Can they complete their mission and save the robots?

Origins 5: Cover2Cover

One thing jumped out to me immediately with this issue that confused me. The artistic team did not change. Rebelka and Delpeche still do the art and colors accordingly, but something about this issue stopped working.

The art of Origins always stood out as different, but it worked with the story. For some reason issue 5 fails to look good. The overall look comes across cheap, second rate and unfinished. I do not know why the sudden change in feel over the artwork, but it just looks terrible in this issue. The details are lacking and the colors seem off.

Origins 5 – Clock Is Ticking

When BOOM! Studios says Origins will run for 6 issues, I do not know if they mean 6 issues and the story will be complete, or if they mean 6 issues and the first story arc will be complete with more arcs to follow. It really makes a difference on how this series reads. If more arcs follow, then the pacing works, but if if the story wraps up next issue the pacing comes up short. I’m gonna hope for the former.

David and Chloe set out to rewrite time and the mistakes David made a lifetime ago that brought about the network and the destruction of all we knew. David seemed to be on board, but now after finding the hive of abandoned robots, David begins to whine about not being worthy. The the Network destroying their home, he now feels guilty over that as well. It makes sense to a degree, but all that does is give us almost 26 pages of David whining.

The whining gets old fast, and nothing really steps forward to contradict this pacing until near the end when they are attacked by rhinoceros-like creatures. Once they fight through them, David goes back to his self-pity and whining once more.

By the end they make it to their destination, some mountain bunker David recognizes as home. The problem is the scene comes so quickly at the end, it fails to override the 20+ pages of whining and self-loathing. I will be interested to see how much they cram into this last issue, but Origins quality seems to be slipping for me.

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