Paul W.S. Anderson’s horror sci-fi classic is getting the Collector’s Edition treatment from Scream Factory! Coming this March 23rd, 2021, you’ve never seen Event Horizon looking this good. This edition boasts a new 4K scan of the original camera negative that’s packed with special features. Here’s the full list of special features you can expect. You can preorder the film from Scream Factory.

The Special Features Of Event Horizon

  • NEW 4K scan of the original camera negative
  • NEW Reflecting on Hell – an interview with director Paul W.S. Anderson
  • NEW Ghost Galleon – an interview with writer Philip Eisner
  • NEW Organized Chaos – an interview with actress Kathleen Quinlan
  •  NEW Compassion in Space – an interview with actor Jack Noseworthy
  • NEW The Doomed Captain – an interview with actor Peter Marinker
  • NEW Space Cathedral – an interview with production designer Joseph Bennett
  • NEW Something New – an interview with set decorator Crispian Sallis
  • NEW Taking Care of It – an interview with production manager Dusty Symonds
  • NEW Reinforcements – an interview with second unit director Robin Vidgeon
  • NEW Almost Real – an interview with location manager Derek Harrington
  • NEW Screams from the Cosmos – an interview with sound designer Campbell Askew
  • Audio Commentary with director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt
  • The Making of EVENT HORIZON – a 5-part documentary
  •  The Point of No Return – a 4-part look at the filming of EVENT HORIZON with narration by Paul W.S. Anderson
  •  Secrets – deleted and extended scenes with director’s commentary
  • The Unseen EVENT HORIZON – The un-filmed rescue scene and conceptual art with director’s commentary
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Video Trailer

More On The Film

The film that rocked those who saw it back in the day comes to us even more beautiful than ever. Event Horizon is practically the basis for all things sci-fi/horror that we have today. Games like Dead Space wouldn’t exist without this movie. I know I’ll be enjoying the horrors of space on March 23rd. Will you?

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