The 2021 Academy Awards (more popularly known as Oscars) are going to be a little different this year. Although that’d be like saying that the ocean is a little wet, in this case.

An army of Oscars.
A sea of Oscars raring to be different this year.

According to Deadline, the 93rd Oscars will air live not just from the usual Dolby Theatre, but from “multiple locations”. Unfortunately, we have no word as to what these locations will be. Only that there’s more than one. Other differences from the norm include holding the Oscars a bit later than normal on April 25, 2021; and changes to the eligibility rules. The Academy actually released an official statement that says:

In this unique year that has asked so much of so many, the Academy is determined to present an Oscars like none other, while prioritizing the public health and safety of all those who will participate. To create the in-person show our global audience wants to see, while adapting to the requirements of the pandemic, the ceremony will broadcast live from multiple locations, including the landmark Dolby Theatre. We look forward to sharing more details soon.

Oscars, Oscars Everywhere…

Oscars, Oscars everywhere.
Buzz, are you a Magic 8-Ball now?

So what would this multiple locations Oscar event look like? Well, without any official corroboration, this would all be speculation. However, there is precedence for a similar feat of digital magic. That would be the recent 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, in which Jimmy Kimmel was the host.

Jimmy Kimmel practicing safe social distancing, with a statue.
Remember kids, social distancing applies even for inanimate statues.

That particular Emmy awards ceremony was the result of COVID-19, just like with this altered Oscars event. The 72nd Primetime Emmy awards were actually fairly well-received by critics, even if very few people actually watched it. If this year’s Oscars follows a similar formula, it could still be pretty entertaining, all things considered.


The 93rd Academy Awards (i.e. Oscars) will air live in “multiple locations” as a result of COVID-19. There are a few other changes, but at the end of the day, the coronavirus is to blame for it all. One can only hope that the pandemic will die down. Eventually.

Source: Deadline