Disney may have had its missteps with the Star Wars franchise since taking over. However, one thing is certainly certain. It stumbled into a veritable gold mine with The Mandalorian. The first-ever, live-action Star wars television series quickly became the most streamed show in history. Its innovative technology and haunting score are only two highlights of the show’s appeal. In total, the show garnered a whopping fifteen (15!) Emmys in just its first, eight-episode season. The Mandalorian Emmy wins already stand at five…. And counting.

The Mandalorian; Kenobi Series
Filming The Mandalorian in the “Volume.” Image: Luasfilm Ltd.

Last night the Emmys handed out their technical awards…. And it should come as no surprise that The Mandalorian has already won so many official accolades. Utilizing the groundbreaking “Volume” in which to film the series, Jon Favreau & co. have created a seamless blend of practical and visual effects to bring the show to life. (See “Zero” actor Chris Bartlett talk about his experiences filming the show HERE.) Nearly every aspect of the show’s production has been exemplary, right down to the last detail.

The Mandalorian earns five Emmys … so far


Here is the full list of awards the Disney+ program picked up last night:

  • Outstanding Production Design For a Narrative Program (Half-Hour); Chapter 1: The Mandalorian (WINNER);
  • (WINNER) Outstanding Sound Editing For a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour); Chapter 1: The Mandalorian;
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation; Chapter 2: The Child (WINNER);
  • (WINNER) Outstanding Cinematography For a Single-Camera Series (Half-Hour); Chapter 7: The Reckoning; and
  • Outstanding Special Visual Effects; Chapter 2: The Child (WINNER).
Mandaloian; Emmys; Star Wars

The Mandalorian was up against some stiff competition, too. That’s especially true for the Special Visual Effects and Cinematography Emmys. For instance, look at the Visual Effects category alone. There the show saw some pretty stiff competition from Strangers Things, Westworld, and Lost in Space 2.

The Emmys will hand out the rest of the awards this coming Sunday, September 20th. Here’s hoping The Mandalorian isn’t done yet.