Virtual reality gaming is one of the hottest fields out there, and Disney appears to be looking to get in on it with their newest teaser trailer for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. It’s short but sweet.

C-3PO to the rescue! We’re probably doomed.

You apparently play as a droid technician riding with a merchantman filled with droid parts bound for Batuu. However, as you can imagine, something goes horribly wrong, and the vessel crashes somewhere in Batuu’s wilderness. Much of the game will consist of exploring Batuu’s wilds, and the Black Spire Outpost. There, you will meet up with C-3PO, R2-D2, and game-original characters like Seezelslak. But it seems like exploration of Batuu is the primary draw of the game.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge
AKA: Star Wars: The Batuu Walking Simulator

Combat in the game is basically first-person shooter, with some modified controls for the Oculus Quest VR headset. You use your hands to aim and fire your blaster, as well as pick up grenades from your inventory and throw them. There doesn’t seem to be an aiming reticule and it’s probably difficult to aim down the sights, but that’s okay. Combat seems to take place at such short distances that it doesn’t seem to matter, and you effectively have tracers in the form of the blaster bolts. We’ll have to see how the combat fares when Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge finally comes out. Whenever that is.

Playable Ad For Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

If you think any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Galaxy’s Edge is the name of Disney’s Star Wars attraction at their theme parks, and Batuu is the name of the planet Disney created specifically for Galaxy’s Edge.

Galaxy's Edge from the air.
Boy, Disneyland sure went all-out with this place.

Based on this and the fact that Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge features a lot of exploration, it’s making me wonder if it’s walking ad for this part of Disneyland? Not that I have any problems with this, mind you. Considering that Disneyland is currently closed, and will remain closed for the foreseeable future due to a certain outbreak, this would be a good way for people to visit Galaxy’s Edge without having to actually go there in person.

Plus, the regular prices for Disneyland are a bit steep anyways. I don’t know about you, but paying $100+ USD to visit Disneyland for a day sounds a bit expensive. Especially if you include the additional money you pay for stuff inside the park.

Disneyland: Welcome to the most expensive place on Earth!
Where we milk you for all the money you have!

Compared to that, paying for an Oculus Quest headset and whatever the price of the game will be sounds like the cheaper option.


Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge for the Oculus Quest gets a teaser trailer. Nothing more than that. We don’t get a release date or even pricing. But hey, at least we get a hint of what the gameplay will be like, assuming they don’t change anything from now to then. Which seems really unlikely. We’ll just have to wait for more news of this apparent playable ad for Galaxy’s Edge.

Source: ComicBook