The loveable adventurers of Vox Machina are back for another volume of comics. Critical Role Vox Machina Origins is here with Volume 3, bringing more of the pre-streaming stories to comic book form.

Critical Role

Issue #1 releases today, and we have a review of it for you.

(WARNING: Spoilers for both Volume 2 and Issue 1 of Volume 3.)

The Synopsis Of Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Issue One

So this new issue sees our intrepid adventurers back in Westrunn, after having to fight a Shadebarrow. Once they return, there debt to Drez Vina is paid off, they get quite a bit of gold to spend during the week while in Westrunn.

But as always for Vox Machina, coin gets depleted very quickly for them. And while at the tavern, they have a run-in with a human woman, who tells Keyleth and the team that her son is missing and she doesn’t know where he is. After some back and forth, everyone agrees that they should help her out. But before they help her, Grog, being Grog, decides to start a beer brawl inside of the tavern.

Once outside, the group runs into Kradin Grimthorne, who runs the fight club in Westrunn. After having a conversation with them, he lets everyone knows they have 3 days before their fight. After that conversation, we are launched into a montage of everyone getting ready for the fight. From there, the group returns to Westrunn and heads to the fight club.

Once the group gets inside the club, they meet back up with Kradin, and get signed up for the fight. We then see a conversation start of what everyone should do, which is then interrupted and we see the group run out from there, along with their opponents, and the issue ends there with a cliffhanger.

The writing team from Volume 2, consisting of both Jody Houser and CR’s Dungeons Master Matt Mercer have created another amazing volume of comics that both old and new fans will both enjoy. And the rest of the team made up of MSASSYK, Ariana Maher, and Olivia Samson have all created something special.

As for the release schedule for the comics, Issue #2 is coming out on April 14th, while the new Tales Of Exandria has the first issue releasing on May 12. And The Mighty Nein Origins starts releasing on July 14th. So we have a lot of Critical Role comics to look forward to this year.