We know that the upcoming 7th season of Arrow, set to premiere this fall, will see Oliver Queen behind bars, leaving Team Arrow to pick up the pace. While Oliver is sure to have his hand full in prison with former enemies and some less than friendly guards, we now know the big bad that the rest of the team will be dealing with in addition to the Longbow Hunters. DC Comics villain Javelin is coming to town!

DC Comics have typically portrayed Javelin as a German Olympic athlete and a thorn in the side of Hal Jordan. He’s been given a bit of an update here, but interestingly enough his Olympic origins may still come into play as a link to Team Arrow member Curtis Holt.

Described as smart and ruthless, Leonard Gibbons, aka Javelin, is a French chemical weapons trader. In the midst of a huge ongoing deal, he does business with an undercover Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific, bringing Team Arrow squarely into the mix. The studio is currently on the lookout for a French-speaking male in his 30s to take on what was described as a “large principle role.”

Certainly a character like Javelin, with his assortment of tricky spear-based weapons and high level of athletic skill fits in just fine in the Arrowverse. We know that Holt was himself an Olympic athlete, having won a bronze in the 2008 decathlon, so it’ll be interesting to see what shared history, if any, the two men have.

Season 7 of Arrow is set to hit the CW on October 15th!