Last time our Omega Rangers ship was being overrun by intergalactic vampires! Drakkon took this opportunity to escape to the vampires known as “The Horrid” ship. Opting to sacrifice the rangers to save his own skin.

A HORRID Backstory

Rangers on the rebound

After Trini shot the Horrid out into space thru an airlock. Jason decides to go with a plan that XI came up with a 53% chance of success for our rangers. Mind you Zack is ready to go all Ellen Ripley on these nefarious space vamps.

I’m not going to go into too many spine-tingling details of the next pages. I will say the final panels once again make you realize you’re not on earth anymore! Trust me! I didn’t just give myself a WTF?! but ahead tilt a dropping jaw and then a WTF!

Galactic Powered Covers

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Omega Morphin Trini Cover