The Jurassic Park fandom is one that has craved new stories and characters from its inception in November 1990. The story captured the fascination of the world and the attention of movie studios. In 1993, Jurassic Park hit theaters to tremendous success and accolades. Following this, we got many more sequels to the original film.

Camp Cretaceous

While other fandoms such as Star Wars or Doctor Who received consistent love in regards to novels, TV specials & merchandise, JP fans were consistently left wanting more. Dreamworks Animation and Netflix saw this need and decided to fill it with a new animated series, Camp Cretaceous.

Camp Cretaceous Season Two Delivers More Of The Dino Action

Camp Cretaceous is set during the same timeline as the events of Jurassic World. The show follows six teenagers who are invited to attend a soft open of a new tourist attraction on Isla Nublar. The camp promises campers will have up close encounters & amazing VIP experiences for the attendees. Those familiar with the events of Jurassic World will understand the significance of the visit to Dr. Wu’s lab or the Indominus Rex happening upon the teens as they stare down at her from high in the tree line. The wonderful Easter eggs scattered throughout the first season were a delight for Jurassic enthusiasts and new fans alike.

*Spoilers ahead for Season 1*

At the end of season one, viewers were left with many unanswered questions. The teens are last seen staring at an empty dock as all hope of salvation via escape with the other tourists on a boat seems to have vanished. Ben is last seen alive somewhere in the jungle. The dinosaurs, particularly the carnivores such as the Carnotaurus, affectionately nicknamed “Tauro” by the teens, are now roaming free. Ending on a cliffhanger, the show left fans wanting more.

Season Two Picks Up Right Away

The second season starts right where we left off. The teens are struggling to survive. They have to find shelter and food all while trying to avoid being eaten alive. The growing camaraderie between the characters is wonderful to see. Fans of the first season will remember that there was a bonding moment with Sammy & Yasmina that carries into this new season. The continued give and take friendship between Kenji and Darius is prominent throughout the new episodes with a lot of “bro” moments sure to bring a chuckle. Brooklynn grows even further as a character realizing that maybe social media fame isn’t all there is to life and starts to utilize her talents to assist the others in rescues and building a shelter.

Dinosaurs are in abundance with even more screen time and inclusion in the story than in season one. The new episodes bring the return of several dinosaurs from the previous season. These dinosaurs are flawlessly animated. The level of detail that the animators went into is commendable. Fans had a hint of this detail in season one and are in for a treat with season two.

The Dinosaurs Are Really What You’re Here For Though

Dinosaurs roaming free on a mostly unpopulated island make the perfect setting to showcase the animals in their element and interacting with one another in new ways and especially without human interference. This was hinted at at the end of Jurassic World and its predecessor, The Lost World. It’s a wonderful nod to the stories that came before and a nice inclusion by the Camp Cretaceous writing team. There are nods in the character dialogue to dinosaur research that is currently ongoing. Having the dino loving Darius explain things to the other teens in ways that viewers of all ages can understand is a wonderful way to share this knowledge with the audience.

The writers have definitely brought their “A” game. They’re not afraid to tackle topics you wouldn’t expect to see in an animated show that children will watch. For example, in one episode, Sammy questions why Darius wouldn’t free a carnivorous dinosaur like he would an herbivore to which he responds, “You want to free something that wants to have us for dinner?!?!’ The give and take between the teens is believable and that is one reason Camp Cretaceous works. The writing team knows its audience and doesn’t hold back.

Camp Cretaceous

Leo Birenberg had the task of bringing the main musical themes to Camp Cretaceous. He also had the difficult job of creating new pieces for the characters. This succeeds on all counts. Be it in the form of a slightly menacing key change to heighten the feeling of danger or a nod to the main gate theme as we visit different parts of the island, Birenberg nails it. Interspersed strategically throughout the episodes are musical hints from the original Jurassic Park theme.

The score is just enough to bring a smile to the face at the hint of the harp or flute suggesting one of the well loved themes. From beginning to end, season two of Camp Cretaceous is an action packed, well-written and perfectly acted series that viewers of all ages are sure to enjoy. The show remains a little less than 30 minutes in length per episode with eight episodes this season. Camp Cretaceous season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix on January 22, 2020.

So, are you excited for the second season of Camp Cretaceous?

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