With this week’s Future State titles we get kind of an odd ball issue. Superman: Worlds of War breaks the mold for Future State comics. This issue is one of the large issues, 60 pages and four stories. While the first story covers Superman, the latter two cover Midnighter, Mister Miracle and Black Racer.

In the first story – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a satellite, rocket, Tardis, anything you want…save Superman. Oddly enough, a Comic named for Superman does not actually contain Superman (well, not for more than a couple panels). The story takes place in Smallville, but it’s a Smallville post Superman. The entire story consists of stories, merchandise and philisophical takes on Superman. We see what he meant to the people, adn how they viewed him. Some are quite interesting.

Meanwhile, the final pages give us the real fate of the Man of Steel. It appears as if Superman fights on War World under the control of Mongul. Even as he fights to survive, Superman still fights to protect others.

Worlds of War – The Other Stories

The second story follows Mr Miracle on Mongul as Superman fights in the pits. The Tron-wannabe moves around and does some stuff, but his ultimate reason for being there really doesn’t make sense. Perhaps if you read Superman of Metropolis 2, it might.

The third story follows Midnighter, who is also on Mongul. The Batman-wannabe is gifted a talking computer box who’s on the fritz and shorts out every other word. He tries to ‘deliver a payload’ but ends up fighting guards and leaving a bloody mess and dismembered bodies in his wake. At least until he meets a white haired man, dressed in white, with a triangular symbol on his chest I’ve never seen before.

The final story follows Black Racer who also happens to be on War World. I have no idea who this chick is either. She appears to be a former robot pilot in a roller derby game or some other. She may have powers, but its unclear. In the end this Tron imitator tries to save some slaves before the story ends.

Worlds of War – Whole Lotta Nothing

I have to be honest this title did nothing for me. The Superman memorial might have been cool if there was more to the story, but by itself it does nothing. Superman on War World looks promising, but you’ll be better off buying the continuation – The Many Deaths of Superman.

I have no idea who Midnighter, Mr Miracle or Black Racer are, but their piecemeal stories weren’t even engaging. I might like to know more about Black Racer. She seemed cool, but this comic does nothing for her. This title is one of the few so far I would recommend skipping unless you know these characters already.

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