The hit Netflix series Cobra Kai has been leg sweeping the country by storm. Fans were treated to a surprise this past week as Netflix announced that they would be releasing Season 3 earlier then expected, when it premieres on January 1st, 2021. Well, thanks to our friends over at Netflix I was able to watch the series early and wow, it will be hard for any fan of the series not to binge watch the entire season!

Cobra Kai Season 3 Review

Cobra Kai Plot – Karate Is The Answer To Everything

First off I want to say thank you to the creative team for Cobra Kai. At a time where we are seeing reboots for everything, like Saved By The Bell, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and others; Cobra Kai is setting the bar high on what a reboot should look like.

Cobra Kai

Season 3 picks up right after the savage brawl between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do. Not only did this brawl leave Miguel in critical condition, it impacted relationships, friendships, and even the All-Valley Karate Championships. With Daniel hoping voices from his past can give him answers, Johnny still looking for redemption, and Kreese being Kreese, tensions have never been higher. Cobra Kai Season 3 puts us in a world where Karate is the answer to everyone problems, and I love it!

The Sensei of Cobra Kai

Daniel LaRusso

Daniel, who’s world seems to be unraveling is trying to save his dealership while at the same time trying to help his Daughter Sam deal with PTSD and anxiety from her fight with Tory. Oh yeah, and on top of all that Daniel is trying to track down Robby, who went missing after the fight. So before he can focus on things with is Daughter and trying to help Robby, Daniel heads to Japan to try to save his dealership. After the meetings there he ends up heading over to Okinawa, where voices from the past help him look at things in a different light.


Johnny Lawrence

Johnny is still the man that tries to do good, but no matter what it backfires in his face. After blaming himself for what happened to Miguel, Johnny goes back to the bottle, and finds himself in a mess at the start of season 3. Not only is he struggling with the guilt from Miguel getting hurt, he again is having issues connecting with his son Robby. When he does finally connect with Robby, it isn’t how you think it will be. Like LaRusso a voice from the past will help him heal old wounds and we will see a team-up that we all could see coming a mile away! Also we get to watch Johnny learn more about Facebook and the proper etiquette on replying to PMs and on how to add pictures on Facebook.

Cobra Kai


Kreese has taken over Cobra Kai, but still tries to recruit Johnny back. Able to manipulate almost anyone, Kreese decides it is time to destroy Miyagi-Do once and for all. Nothing is off limits, including homes and places of employment. Not only do we get more of Kreese in this season, we also learn more of his past and seeing why he is the way he is, NO MERCY!

Cobra Kai

The Students

Wow, where to start without giving too much away? One thing you learn really quick in Cobra Kai Season 3 is that alliances and loyalty aren’t always how they seem. Sam LaRusso is having a hard time adjusting after the fight, and is dealing with PTSD because of Tory. Miguel does awake from his coma, but has a hard road ahead of him, not only for recovery, but with his friendships as well. As the season goes on, we see the rivalry intensify between Cobra-Kai and Miyagi-Do, to the point where nothing is off limits and the only for some to gain respect is to show no mercy! Also be ready for a few surprises, you never know who will turn their back on someone.

My Final Thoughts

Wow, to me it seems like each season has gotten better. One of the things I love most about Cobra Kai is they way it uses flashbacks to the Karate Kid movies to help tell the stories. Season 3 overall is fast-paced with a lot of great fighting scenes. While the ending is kind of predictable, it didn’t stop you form being on the edge of your seat on how we got there. I also liked how they are able to bring in characters from past Karate Kid movies without taking away from the storyline. Cobra Kai Season 3 is a must watch!

Cobra Kai Season 3 begins streaming on Netflix January 1st!