While not all book-to-screen adaptations stay true to character or storyline, I felt Bridgerton Season 2 was more the essence vs true adaptations. This season is based on the novel The Viscount Who Loved Me, the story of Anthony Bridgerton finding the love of his life, Kate. Inspired by Taming of the Shrew, Kate and Anthony’s love story is one for the ages. 

Kate is a strong-minded, quick-witted woman who frustrates Anthony to the point of no return. However, the two eventually realize that the fine line between love and hate isn’t as defined as they think. These two give us an incredible true love story that is one of my favorites!

However, season 2 of Bridgerton has taken quite a few liberties – some for the better, some for the worse.

Here is my list of the Top 10 Changes from Book to Screen!


Originally, the Sharma’s are Kate, Edwina, and Mary Sheffield. This small change was done to reflect the family’s Indian heritage. Along with other moments from hair oiling, making chai tea, and even the prewedding rituals are moments to show authenticity. In the book, Kate is actually 21. This still would make her a spinster during this time. However, the show chose to age her to 26. I think this is one of the better choices.


This entire storyline was added to give more roots to why the Sharma’s/Sheffield’s would return to the ton. As well as, why Kate would be so pushy to get her sister married.


The entire Featherington storyline is created for the show. From the father’s gambling problem and death to Jack Featherington. In the books, the family is around to cause drama but not be a focal point of the story.


Next on my Top 10 List – As we know, Lord Bridgerton passed away due to a tragic accident 10 years prior to when the story takes place. In the book, Anthony isn’t present. Instead, he comes home to find Daphne crying in the middle of the room. This is where he learns of his father’s passing. However, in a great move by the show, they chose to make Anthony present for the death of his father via bee sting. This moment adds so much more depth, nuance, and understanding to who Anthony becomes.


Another great change on the show’s part is giving Anthony and Kate a personal meet-cute. I love the scene between them after their “race”. It sets the tone for their relationship from the start and shows her strength as a character. 

Originally, the two meet at a dance. Colin hilariously embarrasses her and his brother by forcing them to dance together. Kate has zero interest in him because of the Lady Whistldown gossip.


One of my favorite changes on my Top 10 list belongs to Eloise. Eloise isn’t actually supposed to be out until book 3. However, I enjoy this change more than I thought I would. Eloise’s story is my least favorite of the bunch, but I LOVE this side storyline of her with a regular boy. Theo is smart and charming. He’s not intimidated by her personality out forward opinions. He’s very much her match. 


This is hard because there are so many changes storywise. However, these are the major standouts for me. While 2 of my favorite scenes in the book take place in the Library they either do not happen or change location. They changed the initial confrontation from the library to outside after overhearing Anthony talking with his peers.


Kate has a vicious fear of rainstorms. One of my favorite moments from the books doesn’t exist in the show. One night, there is a terrible storm. Kate is in the library cowering under the desk. Anthony arrives and comforts her. This moment is so important because he shows a moment of kindness, and she lets her guard down allowing for them to have a true connection.


In the book, Anthony and Kate are constantly dreaming of each other. Whether they drift off midconversation, a nighttime dream or Anthony just smells her from down the hall. This is one of the changes I miss the most.


And my final choice for my Top 10 List – This storyline does NOT exist in the books. The two girls are both out and looking for love. However, Kate does push her sister forward. After multiple encounters with the Viscount (including him trying to court her sister), they have a moment in the garden. As we know, Lord Bridgerton dies of a bee sting. So, when a bee stings Kate Anthony FREAKS out. He begins to suck out the poison from her chest. Then, Ladyfeatherington along with Lady Bridgerton and Lady Sheffield/Sharma come upon them. Having been caught in a compromising position the two are then betrothed.

Edwina actually doesn’t care because she never had feelings for the Viscount. She actually was with a scholar who was more her speed and actually the person she cared for. I personally did not like the love triangle and pitting sisters against each other. We have enough women-hating women storylines out there. This change made 2 storylines of the women of this series being upset with one other. Give me one or give me none.

What other changes did you notice from book to screen? Comment below and let me know! And stay tuned to THS for more news, reviews, and exclusives.