As an avid reader of the Bridgerton book series, The Viscount Who Loved Me is one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for a Taming of the Shrew story. It’s also why I think I love 10 things I hate about you so much…but I digress.

After the series was renewed, it was announced that Rege Jean-Page aka The Duke of Hastings would not return and fans were upset. Let me just say this…he is not missed.


For season 2 of  Bridgerton, we dive back into wedding season the following year. However, this time Eloise is making her debut and Anthony has decided it’s time to find a wife. 

At the end of season 1, we learn Penelope Feathering is Lady Whistledown and she has not put down her pen. But this season proves to be more difficult than ever with her best friend always around. On top of this, the Queen is still trying to unmask the author. 

Benedict is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life and Colin has returned from his travels abroad. Violet, the matriarch of the Bridgerton family, is still the MVP this season. She’s always up for meddling, while also keeping her children in check. Every lecture, and quip that comes out of her mouth is pure brilliance. She’s my favorite character in the books and she’s my favorite in the series.


Kate and Edwina Sharma’s are pictures of perfection. In the book, Kate is one of my favorite characters. She’s strong-willed, doesn’t play by the rules, and isn’t afraid to show she’s intelligent. Most of my favorite moments come from her going toe to toe with Viscount Bridgerton telling him to go f*ck himself in no uncertain terms.

When learning about the casting of Kate and Edwina I couldn’t be more excited. The series already bends race and gender, so the idea of making the Sheffields now the Sharma’s is fantastic. Charitha Chandran is perfect as Edwina. From her grace, and elegance, to the way she delivers her lines with charm and wit that only comes from her character.

The casting of Simone Ashley (Sex Education) as Kate is one of the smartest decisions the production has ever made. She is stunning with incredible acting chops. She fully embodies Kate in every way I imagined. Her chemistry with Johnathan Bailey (Anthony) jumps off the screen the way it did in the pages. Every scene they’re in is exceptional and I wish there were more. Forget everyone else, I just wanna see their fire!


Bridgerton season 1 is shown through the eyes of Daphne, the first daughter to hit the wedding market. So, the world is bright, grand, full of flowers and fireworks. In season 2, there is a giant tonal shift which I believe is because we are now looking at the world through Anthony’s eyes.

From the cinematography to the score, to even the coloring of the show we are now looking at the world through the eyes of an overworked, anxious man, and downtrodden man. They hit this hard in the opening episode and it never slows down…until it does. 

We get a ton of backstory this season with the story of Edmund Bridgerton’s death. While this is also a slight change from the books, it is one for the better. It colors Anthony’s character in a way that makes his life and actions up to this point completely understandable. You sympathize with him in a way we were never able to in the past. 


Going into season 2 of Bridgerton, I honestly was shocked to see that the story they’ve decided to tell is completely different from the one I read in the books. Seriously, the only thing the same are the names. Season 1 did a pretty decent job of adapting The Duke and I and made a few changes here and there, but nothing as significant as this.

I was truly taken aback by the choice to fully change their love story. However, after I got over my initial shock I can say that I enjoyed it. Do I think it’s better? No. Do I think it’s worse? Also, no. What season 2 gets right is the essence of who these two people are and why they love each other. Plus, the chemistry of the characters is out of this world. So, I can’t be that mad.


Another thing I wasn’t expecting is the lack of sex scenes. While season 1 was chock full of them as soon as Daphne and The Duke confess that they “burn” for one another. This season basically has none. I will give them the excuse of Covid. Season 2 was shut down a handful of times and maybe they found this easier/safer.

It’s difficult, however, because season 1 set a standard I believe fans are going to expect. Anthony is a well-known Capital R-Rake. We were introduced to Anthony by him having sex with a woman against a tree! While we do get a montage of him sleeping with women and leaving money on the dresser. All we get is the women sleeping and Anthony leaving the money on the dresser.

By changing their love story so significantly we also lose those moments throughout as well. However, when we finally do get a sex scene it is well worth the wait. That flashback had me clutching my pearls.


As we know, Bridgerton has been renewed through season 4, with hopes of 8 because there are 8 children. However, season 2 does a great job of setting Benedict, Colin, and Eloise on their paths towards their love matches. 

Personally, I think it would be really easy (and possibly beneficial) to do Benedict and Eloise at the same time. Especially because Eloise’s story is atrocious. So, Bridgerton team…feel free to change EVERYTHING!

Season 2 of Bridgerton drops on Netflix Friday, March 25, 2022. Comment and let me know what you think! And stay Tuned to THS for more reviews, news, and exclusives!