In the fourth, latest, and apparently last issue of Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team, we finally see Nadia’s story come to a close. It may not be the ending we would’ve liked, but it’s apparently an ending. Or at least, that’s what it appears to be.

Warning: seriously major spoilers for Trauma Team #4. Seriously, stop reading if you have any interest in reading it for yourself. Otherwise, read on.

Trauma Team #4 cover art, with Nadia on it.
Blood. Blood everywhere. And in surprisingly neat shapes to boot.

To recap from the previous issues of Trauma Team: Nadia’s entire team flatlines on a mission, courtesy of a psychotic cyborg. Nadia gets a blue screen of death for a while before going back to work saving the next client from an untimely demise. Unfortunately, that client is the same psychotic cyborg that flatlined Nadia’s entire team, and now she and her new team have to fight their way out of a very heavily armed gang’s skyscraper after said gang scrapped their ride. Nadia is definitely thinking of scrapping the cyborg herself, and who can blame her? Will she? Well, let’s find out.

The Last of Nadia?

Skeletor, who is definitely not Nadia.
No, Skeletor. Wrong show. Wrong genre, actually.

As it turns out in this issue of Trauma Team, yes, she does. At least, that’s what the last panels on the last page implies Nadia does. We never actually see her shoot the psychotic cyborg, no matter how much he deserved it. No, the last we see of Nadia is her shoving her pistol into the back of psychotic cyborg’s head. And then we see a burst of light, a motion blurred scene with blood splatter, and then more blood splatter. Only, this blood splatter has empty cartridges rolling around in it. Rather ominous, don’t you think?

There is, however, no actual “The End” message at the end of this presumably final issue of Trauma Team. All we see is that blood puddle with empty cartridges, and that’s it. Now, it’s entirely possible that there’s going to be a fifth issue. It’s also entirely possible that Nadia isn’t quite dead. At this point though, it seems very much unlikely. If there’s a fifth issue, it probably won’t involve Nadia. Fortunately, it probably won’t involve Mr. Psycho Cyborg as well. Even with a Platinum membership with Trauma Team, they still can’t bring back someone with a blown brain. Hopefully.


Trauma Team #4 appears to end the story of Nadia and Mr. Psycho Cyborg with a bang and a splat. Now with every main character presumably dead, the comic is now over. The story of the world they’re in though is not. Now you too can finally buy Cyberpunk 2077 and experience the world of Night City yourself. Maybe you can even buy a Platinum membership for Trauma Team yourself, and see how effective they are.

Source: Dark Horse Comics