In this third issue of Trauma Team from Dark Horse Comics, the murderous and apparently suicidal cyborg suddenly becomes the star of the comic book. Mostly because he completely stops making sense. Not that he made any sense before, but still…

Warning: major spoilers for Trauma Team #3. If you have any plans to read this comic book, stop here now. Otherwise, keep going.

Wow, blood makes a wonderfully good mirror, doesn’t it?

But first: a recap of the previous 2 issues. Trauma Team #1 saw protagonist Nadia’s entire team die mostly to a psycho cyborg. The end of that issue then revealed that said psycho cyborg is their latest client.

Cue heroic blue screen of death for Nadia here. That’s basically the entirety of Trauma Team #2. We also find out why she’s so upset over the death of her teammates. Well, teammate, since she was lovers with one of them. So it’s perfectly understandable that she’d shove a pistol into the back of psycho cyborg’s head at the end of that issue.

And now you’re all up to speed, so let’s get on with that review of Trauma Team #3, shall we?

Psycho Cyborg the Hero? (Seriously, Spoilers Ahead)

Hoo, boy. Where to begin in Trauma Team #3? Well, for starters, it seems like that psycho cyborg that really deserves to die is stealing the spotlight from Nadia. Mostly by being so over-the-top insane that you almost stop paying attention to Nadia.

Joker: "I'm not suffering from insanity! I'm enjoying every minute of it!"
Joker and Psycho Cyborg could be drinking buddies.

I mean, the guy keeps baiting Nadia into trying to kill him. You know, the one woman who really, really, really wants him dead for some very justified reasons. Seriously, what? Does this guy not care if he lives or dies? Well, actually he proves right in Trauma Team #3 that he really doesn’t care if he lives or dies. Seriously, his berserker charge into the army of gang members while high on drugs? That’s not the action of someone who cares if his actions result in his immediate death.

Strangely enough, he seems to have empathy for innocents he encounters. Only, he appears to consider “innocents” to be people he hasn’t been hired to kill yet. His behavior really leaves me befuddled as to what his motivations are. Is he really a psycho who enjoys his work, or is he some kind of death-seeker looking for atonement for some past crime here? Whatever the case, he’s suddenly become a very interesting character in Trauma Team. I guess we’ll just find out what his fate will be in the next issue.


Psycho cyborg pretty much steals the spotlight from Nadia in Trauma Team #3 via a whole bunch of character development. Will she steal it back in the next issue? Well, tune in later to find out, and check out Dark Horse Comic‘s website while you’re at it if you want to buy this comic.

Source: Dark Horse Comics