In this second issue of Dark Horse Comics‘ adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, we see Loki being his usual self. We also see him getting his just desserts. If a bit over the top for the poor guy.

Warning: major spoilers for Norse Mythology #2, unless you’re already familiar with the real life Norse mythology. In that case, you can keep reading, because you already know what’s going to happen.

Norse Mythology #2 cover.
AKA: Sif and her Fabulous Wig that No One but Her Cares About.

To recap: Norse Mythology #1 introduced the world of the nine realms to us. It also introduced the trickster god Loki to us in a rather indirect way. Mostly because Sif, Thor’s wife, wakes up to find that Loki has shaved off all her hair in a fit of drunken stupidity. So now Loki has to make up for his little prank in this issue.

Norse Mythology AKA: Everyone Hates Loki

You know, maybe it’s just me, but I kind of feel sorry for Loki once this particular issue of Norse Mythology is over. This is in spite of the fact that he started this whole thing in the first place with his prank. And then made it worse by trying to pit two groups of dwarf brothers (who knew dwarves had so many brothers?) against each other.

And even then, somehow Loki made it even more worse for himself in Norse Mythology #2 by accepting a contest in which his own head was on the line. Although to be fair, it wasn’t his idea. Dwarves apparently have a thing for divine heads for some reason. I think Loki really should’ve refused that, but who knows how the dwarves would’ve reacted if he’d done that.

Still though, that contest worked, and the Asgard ended up getting a whole bunch of amazing gifts, one of which was Mjolnir. Yes, that Mjolnir. The little short-handled warhammer that Thor wielded as his main weapon.

Mjolnir replica from Amazon.
Fake rock stand not included.

And how did they repay Loki for getting them all these gifts? Why, they just let the dwarves take Loki’s head. And when Loki managed to find a loophole in the agreement to preserve his head? The dwarves responded by stitching Loki’s mouth together. You know, preventing him from speaking, eating, drinking, or doing anything else with his mouth? Yeah, a better scenario than getting his head cut off, but not much better.

I’m really starting to root for Loki here, especially if the next issues of Norse Mythology depicts everything else that happened to him.

Loki gets an unusually harsh punishment handed to him over a prank in Norse Mythology #2. Admittedly, it was a pretty mean prank, but I didn’t think the crime deserved that level of punishment. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Loki next, and if he’ll ever catch a break. Although if you know your Norse mythology, you already know how the whole story ends. It’d still be interesting to stick around and check out Dark Horse Comicswebsite for what happens in between though.

Source: Dark Horse Comics