Star Wars: The High Republic will make its multi-platform debut soon. Focusing on a never-before-explored era of Star Wars, the epic storytelling will dive deeply into the height of the Galactic Republic centuries before anyone ever uttered the name “Anakin Skywalker.’ In a new, exclusive look, introduces us to the padawans of The High Republic.

Padawans; Star Wars The High republic
Image: Lucasfilm Publishing

The High Republic padawans really run the gamut in terms of skill, devotion, and personality. Some are reluctant to seek out adventure while some are perhaps a little too eager; some are extremely talented in the Force while others maybe have to work a little bit harder. We wanted to showcase a wide range of young people in the hopes every reader can find someone they relate to.”

~ Lucasfilm Publishing executive editor Jennifer Heddle

The padawans of The High Republic

The inside look into the new Star Wars era shed some light on both the characters and settings we’re going to see:

Bell Zettifar is apprenticed to the legendary Loden Greatstorm, and he hopes he survives the experience. He and his master are currently stationed at a Jedi Outpost on the ore-world of Elphrona, deep in the Outer Rim, where they work to keep the peace and spread the light.”

~ Light of the Jedi author Charles Soule

We even get some insight into the second Wookiee character of the Jedi Order, a stand-out of the padawans, Burryaga. (This first, as seen in The Clone Wars, was the character of Gunji.)

padawans; star wars The High republic
Image: Lucasfilm Publishing

According to Soule:

Burryaga is one of the few Wookiees to travel from the lush forests of Kashyyyk to study in the ornate halls of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. While he is skilled with his two-handed lightsaber, it is Burryaga’s natural, effortless ability to sense the emotions of others that sets him apart from other members of the Order.”

Padawans; star wars the high republic
Image: Lucasfilm Publishing

IDW and Author Claudia Gray will introduce us to other padawans, as well. IDW gives us the High Republic Adventures comic series, featuring Lula Talisola. Gray, to the contrary, pens another young adult novel in Into the Dark.

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