Brandon Routh was not fully appreciated in his turn as Superman. That manifested itself in poor box office numbers for his lone film, Superman Returns. The long-awaited Superman film in 2006, had high hopes, but was bogged down. It made a respectable $391 million at the box office. But that wasn’t enough for Warner Bros at the time. In an interview for Speedy Comics Con in Dubai, Routh talked about the movie and the ill-fated sequel.

The intention was to do a sequel, always to do, with a big tentpole movie like that,” Routh explains in the video above. “They want to make more as long as they feel like they’ve recouped the money that they invested into the film. At the end of the day, the studio, Warner Brothers, decided it was too much of a gamble for them to do a sequel. The creative entities, the writers and the directors were on to other things. Certain people at the studio who were excited a out Superman had left to go on to other projects at other studios. So, it was both the passion and the interest in Superman dissipated and the movie, I guess for them, didn’t bring back enough monetary success for them to pull the trigger on it.

Brandon Routh to Speedy Comics Con

Superman Returns Came Out Two Years Too Early

Courtesy of: Warner Bros

2008 was a banner year for superhero films. Two of the biggest and most iconic films of the genre released that year. Iron Man and The Dark Knight both lit box offices and critics aflame. While Superman Returns might have still had the same issues, it could have made up some more of that budget at the box office.

While Henry Cavill has taken the role of Superman and ran with it. Routh is still appreciated for his turn. He appeared in the CW event, Crisis On Infinite Earths as a version of his Superman.

So, what did you think of Brandon Routh’s version of Superman? Were you a fan of Superman Returns?

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