If you’ve ever watched the original 1990 version of The Witches as a kid, then you know how freaky it was. Well, it seems Robert Zemeckis seeks to recapture that freakiness in their 2020 remake. You can see for yourself in this brand new trailer they released.

My, what a big mouth you have.

I didn’t think those witches could get any freakier. And yet, somehow HBO Max has succeeded in their The Witches remake. I mean, seriously, 3-fingered hands with claws at the ends? Supersized noses? Toeless feet? Mouths that stretch from ear to ear like some reptile? And worst of all, baldness?! Oh, the horror…

When The Witches Get Even Freakier

The Witches movie poster.
Even the mice are terrified.

Aside from the witches themselves though, you’ll notice from the trailer and the poster that there are also a couple of new additions to the remake. Namely, there are more kids now. Or rather, there are more mice now. 3 of them, to be precise. I’m not entirely certain if these mice are more kids the witches turned into mice, but it’s an interesting new addition to The Witches. At the very least, the kid now has other mice to talk to. And personally, I think the CGI mice look better than that little mouse puppet they used in the original.

Aside from the new mice, I liked Octavia Spencer’s performance as the Grandmother in this trailer for The Witches remake. There was a sort of hilariously heartwarming energy to her acting here. If she keeps this act up throughout the entire movie, it could push me to actually pay money to watch The Witches. At the very least, her performance definitely gets an upvote from me.


HBO Max’s remake The Witches gets a freaky new trailer that also perfectly shows off the comedy parts of this horror movie. It definitely looks like a promising reboot of the 1990 original. Catch the movie on October 22, 2020; it looks like a movie worth watching.

Source: JoBlo.com