Dark Crystal fans may have lost their Netflix show, but the comic world continues the world of Thra stronger than ever. This week BOOM! Studios released a collection of previously told story in a new stand alone edition. Focusing on Age of Resistance issues #5-8, this collection focuses on the official prequel story of everyone’s favorite podling, Hup. The Ballad of Hup and Barfinnious tells the story of our spoon wielding Paladin and how his journey from cook to righteous podling warrior began.

Ballad of Hup – The Student Exceeds the Master

These issues gathered here came out so long ago, I either had not picked up the Dark Crystal title yet, or I simply do not remember reading this. For any fans of Hup, this collection needs to be read. Hup stole so many scenes in the Netflix series and here his dedication and conviction to a higher purpose hold true. For a simple little podling, Hup does not act the same as the others. Portrayed as either mindless or ignorant life loving creatures, Hup’s virtues stand out and show why he thinks himself a podling in the series.

To twist an old Ben Kenobi saying: ‘Who is the more brave? The Paladin? Or the Paladin who follows him?’ The answer quickly becomes evident in this story. Hup begins the tale as a cook and a rather good one according to gelfling and podling palates. Sadly, the Lord Treasurer disagrees with everyone else’s taste buds. Skeksis lacking in manners, insults Hup soup not once but twice! Little Hup of course never backs down from a challenge and slaps the Skeksis in the face! Talk about a ballsy move! Of course the gelfling, being the Skeksis suck-ups they are, kick poor Hup out of the village.

Enter Barfinnious. Paladin, bard, and renown hero who travels Thra telling the tales of his exploits and heroism. Even The Treasurer became enthralled by his tales, but if a Paladin is truly such a hero, would a paladin really go around crowing like a rooster? Or does the crowing simply cover up a lesser person? Is this starting to sound like Lockhart syndrome Potter fans?

So what happens when true trouble strikes? Will Barfinnious rise to the challenge? Or does the smallest amongst them need to rise up to lead the way? Hup fans must read this stand alone story.