October is nearly here, which means it’s time to plan out your month-long Halloween binge watch. (We started getting spooky a little early.)

To help you plan your ideal spooky binge, we’re pulling together a short list of everything headed to streaming in October 2020. So, here’s everything spooky and scary you can watch throughout the month on Hulu.

Streaming on Hulu October 1

Blade hits Hulu in October

Blade films 1 – 3

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Food Network’s All-Star Halloween Spectacular (Special)

Halloween Baking Championship (Seasons 1 – 4)

Halloween Wars (Seasons 3 – 8)


Hostel: Part II

House of 1000 Corpses

Interview With the Vampire

The Curse of Downer’s Grove

The Executioners

The Eye

The Quiet Ones

The Sandman (2018)

The Skull (1965)

Tooth Fairy

Vampire (2011)

When A Stranger Calls (2006)

Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard

Available October 2 – 18

Hulu's Monsterland

Monsterland (Hulu Original Series) 10/02

Books of Blood (Hulu Original Film) 10/07

Scream 4 10/08

The Purge (Season 2) 10/15

It Came From the Desert (2017) 10/15

Helstrom (Hulu Original Series) 10/16

Friend Request 10/18

Marvel's Helstrom on Hulu

You may have noticed Hulu’s list cuts off at October 18. For whatever reason, the streamer stops adding new scares mid-month. Seems like a strange decision, if you ask me. Even though this year’s Netflix & Chills lineup seems a little light, Netflix is still distributing its new content throughout the month.

Even More Scares to Stream

Need even more spooks and scares for your October binge? We’ve got you covered. Check out what’s coming to other streamers Netflix and HBO Max. Plus, if you’ve got cable, check out everything Freeform and AMC have lined up for their month-long Halloween celebrations.

Meanwhile, check back to THS for Fright-A-Thon, our celebration of all things scary leading up to Halloween.