If you are a Peanuts fan like myself then you know that this year celebrates the 70th anniversary of Snoopy and the gang. Well, tomorrow (October 15th) PINTRILL will be celebrating the Peanuts 70th anniversary in style with their release of the second series of pins in their PINTRILL MOOD collection… Joe Cool! This set features four Joe Cool pins: Joe Grunge, Moto Joe, Vibin Joe, and of course Joe Cool himself.


Peanuts PINTRILL MOOD Collection Series 2

From vibin’ to grunge we all know that Snoopy is the coolest cat… I mean dog on the streets. Well now you can show what mood you are in with this PINTRILL MOOD series 2 pin set. This pin set shows Snoopy in some moods that most of us can relate to.

Joe Grunge and Vibin’ Joe

First lets head back to the mid 80s early 90’s and hangout with Joe Grunge. I mean we all have been in that Grunge mood so will not celebrate it with your favorite Grunge band and Snoopy. After rocking out with your favorite Peanut characters, its time to relax. So, grab a cold one and vibe out with Vibin’ Joe.


Moto Joe and Joe Cool

There is not a better feeling then hitting the open road, riding without a worry in sight. So, let that wind blow through your ears, and enjoy it even more with the Moto Joe pin riding along with you. Once you are done with that ride, it is time to show all the Peanuts characters who the coolest Joe on the streets is. And why not do that by showing off your own Joe Cool pin!


Where To Get These and Other Peanuts Pins

These amazing Peanuts PINTRILL MOOD pins will retail for $12 and will be available Thursday, October 15th at 12pm EST. Also make sure to head over to PINTILL.com to checkout all their Peanuts, Godzilla, and other amazing pin sets. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter @PINTRILL.

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