Speculation has run rampant regarding the remnant Empire’s purposes for The Child since episode 3 of The Mandalorian’s first season. The prevailing theory is that Moff Gideon wants to clone the infant of Yoda’s species for nefarious purposes. Doctor Pershing from the episode is driving force behind such a theory. His uniform bears the emblem of the Kaminoan clone program from Star Wars: Episode II. A new, franchise companion guide, aptly titled The Star Wars Book, now lends even more credence to the “Baby Yoda” clone theory.

The Mandalorian; Baby Yoda; Clone
Note the Kaminoan cloners’ insignia on Pershing’s shoulder. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Palpatine’s use of clones obviously predated the Galactic Empire. If not for the clones of Kamino, there’s a strong likelihood there wouldn’t have even been an Empire. The remnants of Palpatine’s galactic legacy, however, are struggling at the time of The Mandalorian. The New Republic is growing and the Imperial vestiges continue to wither. If, perhaps, they had a clone army again…. Imagine the power Moff Gideon would wield if such an army was also Force-sensitive?

Is Moff Gideon really trying to clone The Child?

Star Wars Book; Mandalorian; Clone; Baby yoda
Image: DK

The new Star Wars Book is just one of several hitting the shelves this month. (Another, Star Wars: Fascinating Facts, has already revealed franchise secrets.) The Star Wars Book, however, shares in-universe details, such as this tidbit:

Rumors spread of Imperial attempts to create clones of unique species.”

There’s no question that Yoda’s species is indeed unique. Thus far in more than forty years of Star Wars, we’ve only seen three: Yoda, Yaddle, and now The Child. Moff Gideon is ubiquitously obsessed with finding the latter. It’s one line from “The Sin,” though, that ties the clone theory all together. In the episode, the Client tells Pershing to “extract the necessary material and be done with it.”

Clone; Baby Yoda; The Mandalorian
Image: Emergency Awesome

So now we have an Imperial warlord obsessed with finding a Force-sensitive child, a cloner, and seeming confirmation in a new Star Wars book that the Empire was in fact trying to clone “unique species.” This conflagration of events did not happen by coincidence.

Of course, this all raises another question: Is Gideon really trying to clone The Child, or….

Is “Baby Yodaalready a clone of one of the most powerful Jedi ever?  Perhaps we’ll get the answer to that in The Mandalorian Season 2.

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