Star Wars Day has come and gone. This year was a particularly emotional one for Star Wars fans. Just days prior the Star Wars fandom and the world suffered the loss of the mighty Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew. Millions mourned his loss with heartfelt messages of love and remembrance. This is the first May 4th now without three of the primary, original Star Wars actors we love so dearly. (Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2, left us a few months before Carrie Fisher’s passing  in 2016). Over the weekend Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd paid touching tributes to both Mayhew and her mother.

Star Wars Day; Carrie Fisher; Peter Mayhew
Carrie Fisher with Peter Mayhew in his Chewbacca costume on the set of The Empire Strikes Back. (Image: Lucasfilm ltd.)

Billie Lourd, as we know, followed in her mother’s Star Wars footsteps. She appeared on both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi as Lieutenant Connix. Lourd, like her mother, has never been shy with her emotions. Twice on Star Wars Day she tugged at fans’ heartstrings via Instagram to honor her mother and remember Mayhew.

Billie Lourd pays homage to Carrier Fisher, Peter Mayhew for Star Wars Day

As CBS reported, Lourd took to Instagram with two, simple-yet-poignant photos of her mother to honor the late Fisher’s memory. The first also honored Peter Mayhew. In the photo we see Mayhew in his Chewbacca costume with Fisher and a very young Billie:

The second photo, however, depicted Lourd and Fisher together some time before The Force Awakens premiered in 2015. The caption read, in emojis, “May the Fourth.” The image of the iconic actress, writer and director with her daughter and Mayhew certainly stirred up emotions this Star Wars Day.

As we noted previously, there is an inherent sadness that now accompanies being a Star Wars fan old enough to have seen the original Star Wars in theaters. We face the inevitability of the loss of our heroes. Thankfully, we’ll get to see Princess/General Leia Organa one more time in The Rise of Skywalker via previously unused footage. And we’ll always have events like Star Wars Day on which we can honor those like Baker, Carrie Fisher, and Peter Mayhew for what they gave us for so many years.

May the Force be with you, always.

Source: CBS