Lupin III: The First will be heading our way soon. Specifically, it looks like the heists will be in December and January, depending on which version you want to take away.

Lupin III: The First movie poster.
AKA: Lupin III Goes 3D.

Shout! Factory and GKIDS are working together to bring you Lupin III: The First to your home theater. Lupin III: The First is the titular Lupin III’s first foray into the world of CGI, and it got rave reviews from critics all across the world. You can bet that this will be a film you want to own, especially since it’ll feature Lupin III doing his own take on Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The anime film will be available to download digitally on December 15, 2020. This is not a rental; this download will be for you to keep permanently once you do it. As for the Blu-ray/DVD combo box, that will launch next year on January 12, 2021. And even better: it’s a SteelBook edition, with a lovely shiny and chrome box.

We haven’t got word from either distributor about the eventual prices for either version of Lupin III: The First. I think it’s safe to say though that the SteelBook edition will be a lot more expensive than the digital version. I mean, you are paying for a tough metal container for your Blu-ray and DVD. But it’s not just that though. There are extras too.

Shiny and Chrome Edition Worth Planning a Heist Over?

Lupin III: The First SteelBook edition.
Well, Shiny and Gold Edition, really.

Most of the extras in the SteelBook edition of Lupin III: The First come in the form of bonus features. You get to see an interview with the Japanese director of the film, Takashi Yamazaki, as well as interviews with the Japanese cast; all exclusive to the SteelBook and Blu-ray versions. You also get a CG model gallery and an animation breakdown, showing off how the animators got the characters to move and look the way they do. Then there’s footage of the film’s yellow carpet premier, theatrical trailers, and promotional videos. Yeah, it’s safe to say that you’re getting a lot of content for your money’s worth.

Lupin III: The First Blu-ray/DVD box.
Lupin III himself in the flesh…well, plastic. Well, paper, if we’re being specific.

The extras don’t stop there though if you get the SteelBook edition of Lupin III: The First. This Shiny and Gold Edition also comes with physical extras. You also get a high quality, 16-page booklet depicting concept art for the anime film. Not only that, Lupin III fans who order from Shout! Factory will an exclusive 18×24″ lithograph of the main cast plus their distinct yellow 1957 Fiat 500 car. Supplies for this lithograph are limited though, so if you want it, you’d better hurry and preorder it from Shout! Factory’s website.

Shout! Factory's lithograph for Lupin III: The First.
Hmm, lithograph-y.


Lupin III: The First will be arriving in the US very soon. You can download the anime film digitally on December 15, 2020; or wait until January 12, 2021 to get the Blu-ray/DVD combo version. Either way, be prepared for the famous (or perhaps infamous?) Lupin III to steal your heart when you finally see it.

Source: Shout! Factory