Fakes on Netflix follows two teenage best friends who “accidentally” build a fake ID Empire. With all the true crime docs turned series I had to make sure myself. Yes, this is fiction.


Starring as our two leads are Emilija Baranac (Riverdale) as Zoe and Jennifer Tong (Grand Army) as Rebecca. Zoe and Rebecca couldn’t be more different yet oddly similar. They both come from broken homes. However, Zoe comes from a dysfunctional, middle-class family and Rebecca comes from a rich one who can do no wrong in her father’s eye. They both walk through the world differently, Zoe timid and shy, Rebecca screaming hello world! But this opposites-attract duo proves that it can also work in friendships.

So when it comes to this accidentally fake ID empire, each episode is told through one of their perspectives because perspective is “truth”. Eventually, this device slows down and the story comes crashing down together. 


While Fakes is a fun YA premise that does not pretend that teenagers aren’t terrible, the show itself is underwhelming. The actors are great, but the characters are unlikeable. The device of retelling the story so much from each perspective upfront really slows down the pace. By the time I was halfway through the series, it felt like I was slogging through to get to the mediocre ending.

That being said, the surprise standout for me is Richard Harmon as Tryst. Tryst is your local drug dealer, a fake id pusher, etc. If you need something, he’s your guy. Harmon’s portrayal of Tryst gives the series the groundedness it’s screaming for the entire time. He’s truly the only character I care about. 

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