An animator for the Rebuild of Evangelion anime films has finally come out and explained why they’re taking so long to release the fourth film already! Sort of.

Poster for the final Rebuild of Evangelion film.
4 years waiting, and still not as bad as the Mad Max films.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Otaku Calendar JP recently shared a note from Takashi Hashimoto. Hashimoto-san is an animator for Rebuild of Evangelion, and he’s apparently giving an explanation for the final film’s delay. The very long 4-year delay. Well, nearly 4 years.

Evangelion Writer’s Block: You Are (Not) Alone!

Even animators have blockages, apparently. I feel your pain.

As you can see, even animators get their own version of writer’s block. Especially when said animator is working on something as legendary as the Rebuild of Evangelion. When you realize that your work is going to go down in history, good or bad, it’s only natural to feel the pressure. Especially since the film has been delayed time and time again. First, it was the director halting production to work on Shin Godzilla. And then just as it’s about to launch, a certain viral pandemic steps in and says “Nope!”. I’m almost certain by now that Evangelion 3.0+1.0 is cursed. Which would oddly fit the theme.

Still, the fact that it’s taking this long to release the last film means that it should be a good one, right? We’re rooting for all you production staff over there in Japan! And please, please, don’t make it as confusing as the last film! Once was bad enough.


An animator for Rebuild of Evangelion has finally stepped up and gave us a reason for the long, long delay. To me, animator’s block is as good a reason as any. Especially due to the stakes involved in making the ending for the long-awaited remake of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Keep up the good work Hashimoto-san, and all you production staff in Japan! And let’s hope this ending will be a memorable one.

Source: ComicBook