In a tweet from the original voice actress of Rei Ayanami, Amanda Winn Lee we found out that Netflix is planning on re-dubbing the classic series. We learned earlier this week through a press release that they would be streaming it worldwide next year. It seems that with the acquisition of Evangelion, Netflix was only able to attain the distribution rights, leaving them to dub it over for a second time.

Her feeling on the re-dub is heartfelt. She is coming from a place of love and she poured her heart into the role. She feels she will be erased from everything she has cared about as she stated in this tweet here.

Fans of the dub are understandably upset about the news for the new English dub. One twitter user said this:

Despite all the upset feelings and confusion, Netflix does have a reason for doing it this way. ADV Films was the original dubbing company of the series and after they shut down the distribution and the licensing rights were lost. It reminds me of what happened with Sailor Moon so long because that show too was lost in limbo after Dic disappeared. Much like Sailor Moon, Evangelion was nearly impossible to watch anywhere for a number of years. It is definitely a mixed blessing to have a classic show available but with changes that won’t match memories that many people hold. I personally have never had a chance to watch Evangelion before (I know, I know) so my first exposure to the show will be this new dub. Hopefully, the voice acting for the new version will be able to live up to what people seem so passionate about.

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