Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic’s first look

Rejoice Sonic the Hedgehog lovers! Since 1991, when Sega Genesis released their staple game, fans played and enjoyed a little blue hedgehog. You zip around the world at incredible speeds, collecting rings and defeating the bad guys. Sonic starred in cartoons, and earlier this year, Sonic lovers enjoyed their first live action movie. Now fans are in for a special treat. Coming soon will be the Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-Speed-ia!

Thanks to Dark Horse Comics, this book will feature pretty much every fact, happening and lore from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. If you love Sonic, or know someone who does, this will be a must have item. Here is what Dark Horse said about the forthcoming book:

Celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary with a new full-color hardcover historical retrospective that explores nearly every one of the blue blur’s video game appearances in Dark Horse Books’ upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia, arriving June 2021.

Dive deep into the extensive lore and exhaustive detail of each game in Sonic’s ever-expanding universe—from the beloved SEGA Genesis to the most bleeding-edge video game consoles. This tome leaves no stone unturned, showcasing in-depth looks at the characters, settings, and stories from each exciting installment.

Dark Horse Press Release

Encyclo-Speed-ia: Learn It All!

Sonic and his buddies
Sonic and Friends

By far the most iconic of the Sega characters, Sonic turned into Sega’s version of Super Mario Bros. With this book you will see what went into not only his creation, but the likes of Eggman, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and more. Like most video icons Sonic became the feature of backpacks, lunchboxes and more over the years.

The little blue furball may not be going anywhere, but you will have to wait just a little bit longer for the book. It may be coming soon, but soon means June of 2021; However, you can get it out of the way now by pre-ordering it from your local comic store or bookstore. Don’t let Sonic’s Encyclo-Speed-ia get away!