The world of professional wrestling and sports are colliding. No, AEW isn’t becoming a sports entertainment company. With the NBA playoffs happening later than anticipated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AEW is having to move it’s regularly scheduled time-slot for a bit. The show normally airs at 5:00/8:00 pacific/eastern. With these changes, Dynamite is going to have a couple airtimes. Including one that goes almost head to head with NXT Takeover 30.

It’s not huge news, but you won’t get the normal time or release of the AEW Dynamite show. Going head to head with NXT Takeover 30 is what’s going to be interesting. Most people who hate WWE still watch their PPV events. NXT is seen as a fine alternative to the main roster viewers for WWE. So if an episode of Dynamite can go head to head with an NXT PPV, that’ll be quite the coup for the boys and girls down in Jacksonville.

This also could bring more attention to the product for AEW. It also lets them see if another time-slot would work for other shows. TNT was running re-runs of Dynamite on Saturdays already, but showing on a Thursday might give them a bit of a boost in that direction for another show. AEW doesn’t have the roster size or need for a second show at the moment though.

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Source: TNT