So the Ranger Slayer has returned home and the vacuum left by Lord Drakkon’s absence has made the situation at home worse! This will have spoilers BUT we aren’t going to tell you the whole story. You NEED to go and buy this #1!

While a group of civilians are being strong-armed by Mastadon and Sabertooth Sentries. Suddenly ZOMBIE RANGERS start attacking civilians and sentries alike with no regard for any life at all! The sentries try to hold the line when Kim starts picking off the horde. After the encounter, the sentries bow in reverence to Kim and the position she holds.

Back at Drakkon’s Fortress Finster-5 is working on a new project for his new master, Commander Scorpina! Yes, like I said earlier, in with the throne of Drakkon now empty Scorpina has seized control and is trying to stop this mysterious Zombie Ranger horde!

Meanwhile in the Mastodon Safehouse Kim tries to reconnect with her former quarries and repent for her wicked ways during her brainwashed stint with Drakkon. The former rangers are very hesitant when Bulk, Yes Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier, defends Kim to her former teammates. Once Zack and Trini are on board they come up with a plan to head to the Zombie source, their old Command Center.

The disheveled building has fallen into disarray as if anyone living would stay here. OH, but there is someone here, just not necessarily living. Its the ghost of Rita Repulsa!

GO GO Get the book!

The 48 pages of Ranger Slayer #1 are amazing! I wouldn’t say it ties into what is happening in the main comics right now but it runs parallel just as Drakkon has landed on our Earth. Kim has to come to terms with her past life on her home planet.

This 48-page special embedded you right back into the coinless universe. It’s dark, gritty, and unapologetically in your face. I would say there are 3 panels that will make you smile. After, that it’s all the aftermath of what has happened before and it starts building to what could come next.

Once you hit the Oh SNAP moment in this book it’s a constant roller coaster ride to a huge what the heck ending! So why are you reading this go get your copy NOW!

Did you get this issue? Are you just as amazed as we are? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook page. Make sure you stay dialed into ThatHashtagshow for everything trending in geek and Ranger pop culture!

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