Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline is now available for preorder. Even better, there’s now a massive discount on all versions, so if you want to read it, you’d better hurry.

The cameo-laden cover of "Ready Player Two".
When single-player is just not enough.

R U Ready 4 Coop?

Ready Player One has seen a lot of success, thanks in no small part to the epic film adaptation. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Ernest Cline would write a sequel. The title? Ready Player Two. Admittedly, it isn’t the most imaginative title in the world of literature, but it gets the point across clearly. We still have no idea what the book is actually about though, since it hasn’t actually been published yet. That will all change on November 24 though, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a film adaptation for that too. It might even outdo the first movie. Let’s hope so.

"Ready Player One: The Ultimate Crossover".
AKA: All the Crossovers You Could Ever Want

In any case though, while Ready Player Two isn’t out yet, you can still preorder it from Amazon. Even better: all of the versions now have massive discounts on them. The Kindle version is only $14.99, which is 48% off the normal price. The Audible version is technically free if you can still access the free trial, but be warned that the free trial lasts only 30 days and you have to pay $14.95 per month afterwards. However, the hardcover version (AKA: the Best Edition) is right now only $19.23, 34% off the normal price.

While the Ready Player Two e-books might be more convenient for some people, you can’t deny that there is something sensuous about that sweet, stiff cover and the feel of actually turning paper pages. Not only that, real books don’t need electricity to run, so you can enjoy those blackouts in peace. And best of all, you can use hardcovers as self-defense weapons in an emergency.

Why hardcovers are the best.
Can your precious iPad do that?

Hardcover equals best cover.


Ready Player Two (the novel, not the movie) will launch on November 24, 2020. You can preorder it now on Amazon though. Forget those intangible e-books though. Get the hard and shiny hardcovers. It may be slightly harder on your wallet, but your inner bibliophile will bless you for it.

Absurd! Everyone needs their own personal library.
Bibliophilia for the win.

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