Yesterday Hasbro revealed a slew of new Star Wars toys, all drawing inspiration from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. First among the offerings is yet another version of the Millennium Falcon. The Falcon, as we know, is central to Disney’s Star Wars-inspired theme park. This iteration joins the Vintage Collection in 3.75 scale and comes with both versions of the ship’s radar dish (round and rectangular). The real gem of the new Galaxy’s Edge collection, however, is the Black Series Captain Cardinal.

Galaxy's Edge; Millennium Falcon; Vintage Collection
Image: Hasbro

Each of the offerings will be Target exclusives, so good luck getting your hands on Captain Cardinal. Author Delilah S. Dawson first introduced us to Phasma’s First Order nemesis in the chrome-domed character’s biopic, Phasma. The red-clad First Order Stormtrooper was Phasma’s direct competition in training the Order’s new recruits. (Warning: spoilers ahead. Read on at your own risk!) Following Phasma’s brutal betrayal by combat, Captain Cardinal began to question his very existence.

Captain Cardinal comes to the Black Series

BLack Series; Star Wars; Hasbro; Captain Cardinal
Captain Cardinal joins the Black Series ranks, exclusively at Target. (Image: Hasbro)

Cardinal’s story continued in Dawson’s follow-up novel, Black Spire. In the book Cardinal must come to terms with the years of brainwashing and manipulation that the First Order utilized to ensure his compliance. Following both physical and mental rehabilitation, Captain Cardinal joins Resistance spy Vi Moradi on her mission to establish a new Resistance base in the Outer Rim. When the First Order tracks them down, Archex (Cardinal) makes the ultimate sacrifice and earns his redemption.

Thanks to Dawson’s superb character development, Captain Cardinal became a far more compelling addition to Star Wars lore than Phasma could ever have hoped to be. Now he can be yours in all his 6-inch, Black Series glory.

Star Wars; Resistance; LEGO
Image: LEGO

Of course the Target exclusives don’t end there. A resistance transport arrives in LEGO form, together with new Funko Pops and other Galaxy’s Edge-inspired collectibles. You can check them all out at