If you’re ready to start spooky season a little early, preorder the Billy Butcherson Funko Pop now.

The zombie from Disney’s cult classic Halloween flick Hocus Pocus makes his Funko debut two years after the Sanderson sisters. Like the Sanderson trio, the Billy Funko doll comes as an exclusive from Spirit Halloween.

Billy Butcherson Funko Pop from Hocus Pocus

As Hocus Pocus fans know, Billy is Winifred Sanderson’s ex-boyfriend. She killed him after she caught him cheating with her sister Sarah. 300 years later, Winifred resurrects Billy to help her claim the souls of the children of Salem. However, Billy’s still a little bitter about being murdered and aligns himself with Max, Dani, and Allison instead.

The Funko Billy features his old-timey wardrobe, shaggy hair, and sewn-shut mouth. Preorder it now from Spirit Halloween now for $12.99. Billy ships in September, so he will arrive right on time for Halloween.

Hocus Pocus: The Board Game

Fans can also get a little dose of Billy in the Hocus Pocus board game.

The game pits players head-to-head against the witches of Salem. You and your friends must work together to stop Winifred, Mary, and Sarah from completing their potion before the sun rises.

Hocus Pocus board game

Binx the cat offers players a helping hand, while the Sanderson witches cast spells against you. Players can invoke their own set of tricks straight out of the film to help stop the witches, including enlisting the help of zombie Billy Butcherson.

Preorders for Hocus Pocus: The Game are live on Amazon now for $19.99. The game officially releases July 26.

Where to watch Hocus Pocus

You can catch Billy and the Sanderson witches online now: Hocus Pocus is streaming on Disney+.

If you’re looking to own your own hard copy of the film, head over to Best Buy for the upcoming Blu-ray release. The film is available for the first time in 4K Ultra HD.

Source: ComicBook