If you are anything like me, you collect just about anything that brings back memories. From comics and action figures to pins and prints, I’m always looking for that next item to cram into my office. Well thanks to a company based out of Howell, Michigan called Retro-a-go-go, I was able to add more of those childhood memories to my office. So, today I will review a couple of the great products they sent to me. The first will take you back to the good old days of TV, a giant 19″ 3D wall decoration of Grandpa Munster form the 1960 sitcom The Munsters. The next item, is a General Mills cereal pin set. This pin set will take you back to those Fall Saturday mornings, eating cereal and watching cartoons.

Retro-a-go-go Grandpa Munster 3D Wall Decoration

OK, when I open the box these items shipped in I got pretty excited. First off when I pulled the Grandpa Munster box out I didn’t even want to open it. The box art alone would make a great piece to add to a collection. With its bright colors and the black and white pictures of The Munsters you can just tell the quality of this product is going to be good.

Wow, the likeness on this wall decor is amazing. It looks like Al Lewis was just sitting in that box just waiting to say hi. It is also very light weight, but sturdy and can just about hang anywhere you would like to put it in your house. After receiving this product, I now want to get them all to replace the set. The Munsters wall decor retails for $39 each and you can order yours today by clicking here.

General Mills Pin Collection with Franken Berry Box

Now on to my favroite part of this review, the General Mills Pin Collection with Franken Berry Box. When I first saw this Franken Berry box I thought it was one big pin. Well when I opened it up I had a few surprises waiting. Not only do you get that cool looking cereal box there are also 10 smaller pin boxes inside that look like your favorite monster cereal. They are all there Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Yummy Mummy, Count Chocula, and Frute Brute.

monster cereal pins

I was so excited by the boxes I almost forgot there were pins in them. What I really like about this pin set is that there are two pins for each cereal. There was a head shot and a body shot of these “sweet” ad icons. The quality and detail was also amazing. Retro-a-go-go out did themselves with this pin set. The pin sets retail for $120 and you can order yours by clicking here.

Other Retro-a-go-go items

If you have not checked out Retro-a-go-go and you are a fan of pop culture items, then you are missing out. They have a lot more then just the pins a wall decor that I got to review. From signs and shirts to prints and lighters, it will be hard for anyone to got to their page and not order anything. Also on top of the great merchandise they have some amazing franchise lines to go with it. So, if you are looking for items from Bettie page, Mars Attacks, General Mills and other pop culture brands, you need to head to retroagogo.com and get shopping.

Bettie Page

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