Did you think that the Garfield comic strip would ever get any new games in this day and age? Well, as it turns out, Microids is here to help boost the snarky, lasagna-loving cat into the video game spotlight. Let’s hope they do better than their last attempts.

The Garfield Game He Finally Deserves…Maybe?

Garfield drawing from Microids' Twitter post.
Looking pretty smug there, Garfield. Do you know something we don’t?

French video game developer and publisher Microids recently announced over Twitter that they plan on releasing a couple of new Garfield video games over the next few years. Specifically, 3 of them. Here’s the original post below:

And that’s it for Garfield and Games for today!

Unfortunately, that’s about it from Microids. There’s no other information from them about this trio of new Garfield games. No specific release date, no titles, and not even any hint of what genre these new games will be in. All we can do is speculate on what these new games might be based on Microids’ previous Garfield games, and oh boy. Let’s just say, they don’t quite have the track record they think they do.

Garfield Kart: The Reasons Why It’s A Meme

"Garfield Kart" key art.
Apparently looks better than it plays. Also, why does Jon in the back look like a monkey?

Now, to be fair, Microids didn’t actually develop Garfield Kart. Artefacts Studio was responsible for development of this horrible Mario Kart clone. However, Microids did publish it, so it does carry their name, and frankly, from the reviews this game got, Microids have a lot of catching up to do.

"Garfield Kart: Furious Racing" Steam thumbnail art.
Well, it’d certainly leave you furious.

Amazingly, both Garfield Kart and its sequel Garfield Kart: Furious Racing (I’m already amazed that there is a sequel) have very positive reviews on Steam. Don’t be fooled by those very positive reviews though. If you actually read the reviews, you can see that the community has basically turned both games into one big joke. The game has apparently reached some kind of memetic state. Not because they’re any good, but because they’re so horrifically bad that people play them just to make fun of it. Hopefully, Microids will learn from these 2 games and do better on these new ones…hopefully.

Source: Twitter, Steam, Steam