Sony Pictures tweets their audiences a rather…unique name for the Spider-Man Universe.


Ah yes, who wouldn’t want to watch a “Spider-Man Universe of Characters”? A Spider-Man Universe without characters would be pretty boring to watch, after all. I mean, how would a story without characters even work? Do you just watch an overhead scene of New York City, trying to find Spider-Man amidst the clutter of civilization?

Ah, but it gets better. After this tweet was posted, IGN reached out to Sony Pictures asking what their name for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. Sony’s response is that their official name for the MCU is (wait for it): “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters”. Yep, you heard that, folks. Sony Pictures is really into the long and awkward naming scheme here. I’ve seen Nock guns that were easier to handle than this name.

Sony seems to be rocking those long-winded names now.
Nope, it’s the “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters” now.


Personally, I think this whole awkward naming scheme here is the result of a translation SNAFU. I think someone tried to translate what was originally a Japanese term (possibly “Supaidaaman no Kyarakutaa no Sekai/スパイダーマンのキャラクターの世界”) , and came up with…this. Sony Pictures is a Japan-based corporation, so it wouldn’t be unusual for many of their people to speak Japanese. What is surprising is their apparent lack of good translators for this tweet. But all things considered, it’s not that bad of a translation. It could’ve been worse.

A universe of mistranslations.
Remember “Star War the Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West”?
Remember, things can always be worse.
On the other hand, a BotW-style mistranslation of the Marvel movies could be hilarious.


Always consult with multiple good translators to see if your translation is actually good. Otherwise, you could end up with things like “Spider-Man Universe of Characters”. But hey, at least we all get a good laugh out of it. 🙂

Source: Nerdist