Hello everyone, Professor Hulk here delivering all the latest scoops and movie news. Warner Bros. is currently casting for the upcoming Batgirl. We already have our Batgirl in Leslie Grace. However, we can exclusively share that WB is casting for a younger version of the character.

WB is currently looking for a young pre-teen girl of Dominican-American ethnicity to play a younger version of Leslie Grace. The young actress is expected to be athletic and have some dance or martial arts skills. Which likely means this actress will be demonstrating some of the fighting and athletic prowess that will be at home for Batgirl.

While it may not be the most shocking of revelations. It’s still interesting that we’ll get a proper origin for Batgirl. With word that Batman will also appear, it would seem logical that we’ll get scenes of Batman training a young Barbara Gordon.

We also know that Batgirl is set to appear in the upcoming Birds Of Prey 2. So it would seem that we’re set to see a lot more of Barbara in the years to come.

So, what do you want to see out of a young Barbara Gordon in the upcoming Batgirl film?

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