Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime ever made period, and Netflix is doing a live-action adaptation to boot. So is it any wonder that Titan Comics is doing a comic book adaptation of it?

Cowboy Bebop #1 cover A art.
Live-action? Animated? Animated live-action? Cover A artist: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

Titan Comics is formally announcing their comic book adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, starting by teasing us with these covers of the first issue. To be precise, this comic book is an adaptation of the upcoming live-action adaptation from Netflix. It’s not a comic book adaptation of the original anime by Hajime Yatate, aka. Sunrise. Besides, that already has a manga adaptation from Yutaka Nanten.

This Cowboy Bebop comic book series from Titan Comics will feature Dan Watters as the writer, with Lamar Mathurin as the artist. The publisher is, of course, Titan Comics. Cowboy Bebop #1 will launch on December 8, 2021. You can preorder the comic book from your local comic book shop. If you live in the UK or Europe though, you can preorder it from Forbidden Planet.

Cowboy Bebop #1: Covers

Cowboy Bebop #1 cover B art.
Gotta love that 32-bit resolution. Cover B art: Photo.

As promised though, here’s the rest of the Cowboy Bebop #1 covers from Titan Comics. Enjoy:

Cowboy Bebop #1 cover C art.
Ha ha, very funny, Faye. Cover C artist: Claudia Ianniciello.
Cowboy Bebop #1 cover D art.
Read ’em and weep, eh? Cover D artist: Afu Chan.
Cowboy Bebop #1 cover E art.
Aww, who’s the good boy who got his own wanted poster? Yes, you are, Ein. Cover E artist: Yishan Li.
Cowboy Bebop #1 cover F art.
Everything looks better in film noir. Cover F artist: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.


Cowboy Bebop won’t just be an anime, manga, and soon-to-be live-action series from Netflix. It’s also going to be a comic book series from Titan Comics. They’re already teasing us with these luscious comic book covers for the first issue. Said first issue will also launch on December 8, 2021. If you’re a fan of the original anime, or if you’re that excited about the Netflix series, then check out this comic book when it launches then.

Source: Titan Comics