From the tail to the engine this Snowpiercer Graphic Novel delivers! Filling in the gaps of what happened on Earth and the choices that we have to make for human civilization to survive. BUT I didn’t say HUMANITY…

For background this ain’t your TNT SERIES

Now I have been following mainly the story about Mr. Wilford’s train. But this story talks about Mr. Zheng’s train from China. That said these stories are running a different course. Don’t expect to see Layton or Melanie or anyone that you’ve seen on tv series so far. The premise has even changed a bit that there has been a nuclear threat but instead of big business sending up rockets to fix and cool down the Earth. Ecoterrorists have caused the downfall of the nuclear power supply and were the reason that the sky was being blacked out causing the next ice age.

Father and Son Trying to Survive

We meet our Father and son duo of Jimmy and his dad Steve. They both have tickets but are trying to get to Mexico for the new pick-up location. Having Left Sedona, AZ they don’t have far to go, but the things they see along the way will haunt them. Steve Luckily knew all the possible routes and when they were originally heading the Denver saw that the climate was getting worse and make the smart decision the head south. Along the way, they help a young lady. And eventually, make it to Mexico and the train. but it doesn’t not all end well for the duo turned trio.

Meanwhile in Moscow

Mr. Zheng has taken on Lakshmi a wealthy woman from India who has chosen to leave behind her riches and family to find salvation on the train. She is a realist and is constantly questioning Mr. Zheng’s ideology. He has thought that the human race would outweigh the problems of the human condition. With cities freezing to extinction and some new opening on the train the people of Moscow have rushed the train over throwing the security measures and jamming themselves into the back of the train. Lakshmi has become a sounding board for Mr. Zheng’s ideas and part of his think tank to try and appease the newest influx of passengers.

A Planet Freezing

The graphic novel follows 3 main storylines but takes a minute to focus on these 2 poor souls. As they are wandering lost in the night. Luckily a fire keeps them warm but they have realized their foolish mistake. Choosing wealth over survival.

Thoughts from the Tail

This being my first foray into the Titan Comics version of Snowpiercer, it was quite enjoyable! The Art Style is much different than I’m used to but the dull tones and sharp shading lend themselves to the world on the brink of collapse. I didn’t cover all the storylines as there are some things best left for you the reader to experience. I for one am excited to not only get the next graphic novel but back “track” to the series before this one!

The tones of this book really had you wondering at what point does the survival of one’s self, outweigh the idea of the great good. At what point do those in power realize they are playing god and snap to the idea that they can be god. It is an intense idea of the psyche.

I’m not entirely sure if Mr. Zheng’s train will meet up with Mr. Wilford’s but this other view of the world is fantastic! It harkens back to some of the heavier scenes and ideas portrayed briefly in both the tv series and the original movie.

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