Going back to issue #9 with Trini trying to connect with the Yellow Emissary we continue out in the depths of space!

The Omega Rangers come up to an emptiness in space with no discernable planet. But Trini knows in her gut that there is something there. The Rangers teleport down to a planet’s surface to only find a strange shadowy figure. Who could it be?

The Rangers on guard fight back but to no avail, this thing has them all wrapped up! It’s kinda obvious what’s going at this point is not a foe or a friend per se.

It’s the last remaining Emissary. unlike his other counterparts, they are cynical and have already chosen their fate. I really enjoy whenever they have a character like theirs on the page as each panel they are constantly fluctuating between ranger forms.

The issue continues on with a huge reveal that I can promise is going to be a new cosplay to look out for in the coming months online. The Empyreals descend and rough up the rangers royally. Eventually, the Emissary joins the fight but by the end of the book, it will have you torn in two!

Thoughts from THE GRID

This issue really hits home on the vastness of the connectivity of both series. How things in one story are inadvertently affecting the other. You can tell Ryan Parrott has thought this out well in advance. Rather than having one issue play catch up to the other. What is nice is the fact of having the 2 separate stories give him a chance to open up characters then relegating one character to just a smidge of lines.

By the end of this issue, you are not going to be surprised by one twist but the other will tear you apart. I think we have come to the first high slope of the rollercoaster and now we’re going to get the payoff.

Gotta Get Covered

All 4 main covers come with Virgin Variants as well. You can find them in your Local Comic Shop. Then jump back in the comments and let us know what you thought about the issue! This is also Yejin Park’s follow-up to his first cover. I’m going to speculate that Zack will be his next over and then Yale.

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