The Master Morpher was introduced during the 25th-anniversary episode “Dimensions In Danger.” But now there is a new piece of information about it. 

The new Soul Of The Dragon graphic novel does explain how the morpher is able to switch through all of the power coins really quick. A friend of Tommy’s son, Anara, said that the Crystal Frequency Transducer inside of the morpher is what causes the Power Coins to get cycled through it very quick. 

This is pretty cool because we know from both the 25th Anniversary episode and the new graphic novel, Tommy is able to switch between MMPR Green and White, Zeo And Turbo Red, and Dino Thunder Black. 

But now that we know about Tommy’s Master Morpher, there is a chance that some of the other Legendary Rangers like Katherine and Adam could a Master Morpher of their own. Source: Power Rangers NOW