For some odd reason, I’ve recently found an attraction towards journalism films. Films like Spotlight and All the President’s Men have shined a light on journalists risking everything to expose the truth.

In 2017 Steven Spielberg made a film touching on that very topic. Titled The Post, Spielberg’s film explored The Washington Post’s Publisher and EIC, Katharine Graham and Ben Bradlee, risking everything to publish The Vietnam Papers.

the post

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks play Graham and Bradlee respectively, and they really embody Graham and Bradlee. What I love the most is Ben is always looking out for Katherine, and it’s really amazing.

Now, this film does show how journalists back then, got their First Amendment rights. The way everyone at The Post fought for their rights after publishing the papers was amazing to see.

the post

The Post Amazes And Astounds

One thing that was very interesting about this film was that Ben was the one that wanted to get the papers published, not Katherine. Ben did everything he could to get those papers published, and his determination showed. This film in the last year or two has quickly become one of the top films I’ve seen. Spielberg did an incredible job telling this remarkable story.

One other major part of the film’s story is the feud between The Post and The New York Times. People can notice right away both newspapers were trying to get all of these classified papers released, no matter the cost.

It was also interesting in the Supreme Court scene to see both papers not fighting against each other, but banded together to fight the President for their press freedom.

Out of every Spielberg film, this is one I highly recommend everyone view this at least once. This is one of those films that whether you’re a journalist or not, everyone needs to see it. Also, make sure to add That Hashtag Show to your favorites to check out more of our movie reviews.