Official promotional image of Green Lantern tv series

Announced today Geoff Johns will produce a live-action Green Lantern TV show for HBO Max.

The character of Green Lantern currently occupies a weird place in pop culture media. As a founding member of both The Justice League of America; and going even further back a founder of The Justice Society. The character has been around in some form since 1940. Making him older than even Wonder Woman.

Yet the Green Lantern mythos has not enjoyed the same fame. While Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have always been big. The flood of superhero TV shows and movies have made the public aware of other DC names like Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. But as one of its oldest members, Green Lantern has been oddly absent from the new comic boom.

Now that is about to change. As reported by Geoff Johns production company Mad Ghost Productions put up a listing for a live-action Green Lantern TV-series scheduled to come to HBO Max.

Information on the series is all but unknown. The site listing simply states, “The first live-action series delving into the Green Lantern universe. and hat will be produced by both Berlanti Productions and Mad Ghost Production. It has also been reported via twitter that Geoff Johns will serve as an official producer.

Tweet confirming Geoff Johns as producer

Will The Real Green Lantern Stand Up

The various Green Lanterns of Earth

The official promotional image is simply a stock photo of ‘A’ Green Lantern obviously drawn by comic artist legend Alex Ross. The photo creates an air of mystery about who will wear the ring. Unlike other superheroes, Green Lantern is part of a galaxy-spanning police unit with thousands of members. Those how have mainlined the comics include Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner. Of the four the arguably most famous of which is John Stewart. The Green Lantern who was a member of the acclaimed 2000s Justice League animated show. So it is unclear which Lantern will be the star.

Movie Tie-In?

For a while now there have been many rumors about WB doing a live-action Green Lantern movie. The character himself almost made it into Justice League was reportedly cut. Could this new show be mean to serve as a tie-in to the rumored movie? If so could whichever Lantern stars in the movie be the star of this show? Or could the show serve as more of a spin-off to explore the wider world of the Lantern mythos? Then again, based on previous shows like CW’s Flash it’s very possible the show will have no ties to the movie what so ever. It is also unknown if the show will tie into any other of the Mad Ghost Production shows. Such as the soon to release Stargirl show.

Geoff Johns Good Or Bad?

Geoff Johns is known as the man who resurrected both Hal Jordan Green Lantern and Barry Allen Flash. Both in the comics and in sales. Clearly he has a deep love for the character. However, his track record for live-action work has been mixed at best. Since 2011 he has worked on just about every DC live-action superhero movie and TV show as either a writer or executive producer except for Man of Steel, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. It is hard to know if his involvement will lead to a hit like Flash, or a meh like Titans.