Superman and Lois

The newest CW show, Superman and Lois is hot and heavy with news lately. Deadline is reporting that Emmanuelle Chriqui has signed on to play Lana Lang. The show revolves around the superhero/journalist couple from DC Comics. It won’t be similar to the tone of the movies however. It’ll deal more with their everyday lives as parents in a normal society.

Chriqui’s character, Lana Lang, comes from Smallville and comes back to rekindle a friendship with Clark Kent. The show is produced by Todd Helbing of The Flash. Superman and Lois is going straight into production following the delay of the pilot by COVID-19.

If you remember back a bit, we had an exclusive about some of the characters on the upcoming CW show.

When Will Superman and Lois Arrive?

The show’s timeline hasn’t been set. Scheduling is messed up for everything due to the COVID-19 outbreak. A best guess would be next year sometime. It’s a turbulent time for everything in entertainment right now. Hopefully the show can get back on schedule later in the year. The new show has lots of promise.

If it can buck the earlier Lois and Clark style, CW might have a winner. A Superman story in the modern world with modern problems is just what the world needs right now. We’ll have to see how the show turns out though. For the Man of Steel fans out there, it could be a real big one. After the portrayal in the WB movies, we could use a more light-hearted Clark Kent and Superman.

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