Well here were are day 38 of March and most of us are still stuck at home looking for things to do. You could go back and see if your crops are still growing in Farmville that you planted in 2009; or you can be like many people around the word and live on your own island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing and Star Wars

So, some of you not familiar with Animal Crossing might be wondering what does it have to do with Star Wars. Well, after you spend some time customizing your island you just might want to spruce up your look so you can visit your friends on their island’s or throw a Star Wars themed party on yours. All you need is Nintendo Switch app and the Able Sisters tailor shop to make Star Wars outfits. And after doing some internet browsing for ideas here are my top 10 Star Wars themed outfits.

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10 Prog Hat and Sweater

Porg Hatt
Porg Shirt

9 Padme Dress


8 Leia Bespin

leis Animal Crossing

7 Sabine

6 Rebel Pilot

I hope you enjoyed the top 5 Animal Crossing Star Wars outfits. Make sure to head over to page 2 to see what made my Top 5.